Silver Symphony

>> Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the best thing about love is
I shed my reality
with no awakening
to a drab and sterile to-morrow
swamped in a lassitude that accompanies
one sentimental crisis after another
in brief patches wringing an eternity
of unfelt feelings
for wherever my gaze tarries
there is silver,
a silver of disconcerting motion,
Silver glistening in mesmeric eyes,
sparkling in pink mouth,
rattling in whispers,
disquieting Silver stumbling
in a straight line from your forehead;
over there I would frame a simulacrum,
if possible of me,
somewhat younger,
more beautiful, innumerable brooks,
dipping and rising through the valleys,
drawing semi-circles, stoking life,
thrumming magic,
could there be something buried in silt?
when the pearly droplets
copulate into a shimmering music
you can see a golden lady
seated on serpentine throne,
whirling and flashing,
young and giddy,
as happy as if the silvery symphony
were revealing
a glow of ruby


For Him

>> Friday, December 15, 2017

I perceived you in a day dream
between the persistent groping
for a moment made magical
by the sorcery of midnight

in that patchy corner
where shadows accumulate
the living trod upon spirit
substance trod upon dreams
you glow with a raw sublimity

cocooned in the warmth of
your rum-scented breath
I’d put on my red nail paint
scratch deeper where we began
couple my prose with your poetry
disentangle a curl of purple thread

you can sew the cracks of a lifetime
smooth out the mud speckled glasses
watch my eyes crinkle with love
a dialect more eloquent than words
then reach that sensual place  --


An ode to vanishing winters..

>> Sunday, November 26, 2017

November is 
no longer 
a cold month
smoky sky, 
customary jackets
create illusive 
bygone winters-

under the veil of 
somber sun
is composite picture of 
a familiar city
basking in neglect

The sluggish season -
when they clamour 
the loudest
in deep-toned 
hollow sounds

city and its inhabitants 
in enchanting dimness
endeavour to devour 
each other 

It’s the trick of 
departing year
merely a dusting over 
long summers -

smog fills your nostrils
clogs your throat
magically sprinkles 
to obscure the sight of
sour faces 

The grey cloud 
spiralling over your head 
turns greyer
and you wonder
why is the weather 
hotter every year
And hearts colder


The book at last...

>> Thursday, September 28, 2017

if you still drop by here and are disappointed that I haven't posted any new poem.. you can order my book.. The Curse of Yesterday 

It's my very first... and it'll mean a lot.

It's available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle editions) and Flipkart

Happy Reading..

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PS- thank you for the Birthday Wishes 😃


On poetry..

>> Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I admit there was a point of time
When life could have unfolded
Like a poetry
In the divine discontent
Within circles of smoke rings
Sipping periwinkle wines

In the same way that we gather
Clipped goose feathers
Stained in crimson ink
Year in year out
For when the ogre smiles
Grin back at him

I fear the enchantment of words
Is too great for a poet
Cross-references, clutter
Turmoil in a forsaken brain
Doomed heart -
Ligatures of lifetime

Get injured, repine
Flip the stagnant sun
Verses spatter in sunset colours
Blotting the paper -
The grey-moss fragrance
In pink vapours  
Caressing the slushy sky

At this juncture of life
I am content with
The insipid world
Learning iambics
Exculpating muses -
Wineglasses on my table
Filled with ice-cold rye


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