the last bow..

>> Wednesday, April 18, 2012

even as the impossibility of the thing
grows upon,
its rhythmic clang reverberates vaguely,
eyes center inquiringly--
where one expects to hear
loud explosion of
an artificial combustion;
witness the blue smoke curling,
the masquerades falling
to devour the orchestra harping
the requiem of the guilty

and the river billows along-
its gray warm waves beaten up
by an indifferent chilly wind;
grabbing the longing by its nape
chasing the rafts with a puny
tart fury,
falling back on their dark, sloppy sides
with a hiss --
the cold travels with me
it envelopes like a shell
Yes, it is a dreary life.. and yet..

I hardly think I’ve lived,
except during many instants when,
plunged in dreams I permitted,
nay, coerced,
life to desert me for awhile;
as you discern the desire
melting from my eyes,
examining teary smiles that we sport on
the way to death --
in these final moments
when life is cherished
I am up for sale --
I wish you had a proposition..


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