a parting..

>> Saturday, January 14, 2012

An hour! In an hour I can say good-bye
one of those heart-breaking farewells
when we leave an entire short togetherness behind,
forgetting that the real parting is when
there is any ‘love’ to part from..

Even in the mist I can trace
the invisible lancets of
your moss-grown lips, a queer
stale smell
hangs about em , as if
something within stealthily gropes for
means of an escape..

It’s a struggle
to conduct this mind
around a fucking practicality
it insists though
on wandering;
weaving fantastic, tear-stained conjectures
in drifting tobacco smoke. .

at last rationality thrives
under the allaying sway of
an exquisite whiskey, the incident of midnight
floats into nothingness-

Love affairs; real, tangible lovers
purchase our attention.

forgive me, if there is suffused with it
an utterly selfish yearning to be kissed by you
once, only once again, in my proper character
of a sinning woman,
rid of my righteous disguise

I’ve had my desires, it has metamorphosed into
scars of remorse on my lips.
You were rational. All we can do now
is preserve the ghost ..


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