>> Monday, September 26, 2011

Another death, a bottle,
and a cigarette
reposed like a squib
that has scorched itself out
whimpering with hisses,
an ebonized snippet of sheathing,
wordless, extinguished

shadows amalgamate, and yet
there’s left an acumen
to diagnose this dying-down
it had really been decreed;
my current conditional inebriation
has little or nothing
to do with it

Ergo, for the last time,
behold this carcass
a withering globule of blue,
wading in ether
here should I;
frail flakes of soot
quiver silently
across the hollow,
into domain of unknown..

do not cherish me,
in feigned warped ethics
of the world you inhabit
judge me secretly
from the heights of that pedestal
from which I’ve fallen, and
endeavor to accept me
in the coterie of derelicts...


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