Ante Scriptum

>> Thursday, July 28, 2011

the world is grey like a vault of cathedral

frowning and ominous; am walking home
imagining that an eternity has slipped by
and you are finally there

haunting my nights with incantations
I suspect you’ve always had plots at hand
a head crammed with treason,
a grim incubus biding his time

do I hate you? you do not know me
I trust you never will
hate is an eclectic wine of exquisite nip
most provoking draught in the world,

no my dear, I’ll live on this vigorous dietary
I’m in the blessed state of an inhumed fossil
a perverse and obsolete ideal resuscitated;
nobody will excavate me

expunge my cerements, will you?
we know what an outdated castle love is
how time and ghosts have soiled it, raiment on
walls stripped off; dilapidated

the entire heap devoted to ruin
in the tawny cast of decay
living with whispers, speculation, and arsenic
to postpone the climax of fatal lust

already the eldritch smell of tombs
have infiltrated your kisses
the callous curl of voluptuous lip
performing burlesque of fabricated faith

I desire you simply that you delude me
into a fleeting limbo of my doom,
scorn me with a phantasm of life
that isn’t and can never be

In the nocturnal sky
when you look for meteors, tempests, ravens,
I’ll surge from the carcass
forsaken half devoured

clammy with dew as if with infinite tears;
unless death annihilates the closing act
there perpetually is a tomorrow
to be reckoned with..


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