this summer ...

>> Monday, April 25, 2011

..for fuck’s sake, let us go through that,
the way we sipped hot tea on a sidewalk
in sweltering Delhi heat to cool off,
a paradox we can swear by;
witnessed at high noon beside me
your shadow casts a trivial shadow
baring the world ahead as a matter of fact
thus I can return zigzagging between
lurid darkness and nebulous nothingness
to the shell and husk of you
lying on my bed after I had watched
the love and the person walk out,
leaving only a stale periphery of
what had gone by to show off, and puff
a cigarette, sun filtering through curtains
as caressing fingers resting on eyelids
cerulean smoke diluting in golden haze
shrugging you off with a poem,
like everything in the brazen past,
which appeared rosy in remoteness..


One Night Stand

>> Monday, April 11, 2011

Indeed. Behind hazy veil of moonbeams
draping your haunted lids,
glimmers an image
the beats of invisible spurs,
while my figure itself
maunders, partially clad, sucked back
into wavering shadows,
like tales which simmer around
warm excruciating autumn evenings

summoning fragrance from everything.

I am sinking
with every trivial throb of your throat.
And coloring too.
It isn’t blue.
Its red that changes hue
each instant with kisses upon mouth,
tint substituting tint
tone fusing into tone,
our bodies rubbing words of a melody
as I scribble verses on your chest.

Oh. In red blaze of warmth
your eyes bring splendor,
pouring forth vermouth and absinthe
over pearly expanse of
heights cloaked with perennial snow
thawing into
a consuming sea of radiance
that kindles dark labyrinths of brains,
imparting secrets lurking through

crimson shafts penetrate your arms
while perfumed breaths
swell and expand on lips,
until we appear bare,
terminal, and complete to conquer.
Unforgettable, unrepeatable
we keep it between us
lest the world slays singing buds.
A rhapsody of russet and unearthly
we leave a poem with the other.

poetry to lay down with in the night
and wake up beside ...


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