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>> Sunday, April 4, 2010

“My anger has left me, my sadness returned, and once more the tears flow. Whom can I curse, whom can I judge, when we are all alike unfortunate? Suffering is universal; hands are outstretched to each other, and when they touch . . . the great solution will come. My heart is aglow, and I stretch out my hand and cry, 'Come, let us join hands! I love you, I love you!' "

I read these lovely lines yesterday and I wanted to write something after a long time but writing would require remembering.. and remembering isn’t safe. You could lose your mind remembering. Memory is a siren, a fetching song on a distant shore, all claws and clutches in person. You court her on your own risk. That risk isn’t worth taking .. at least for the time being .. when I can’t write beyond a line or two...

Writing two lines in a blog post isn't a sin.. or is it?

If I could write two lines like Ghalib .. I wouldn’t have wasted so much space here..

“Mat pooch ke kya haal hai mera tere peeche? Tu dekh ke kya rang tera mere aage.. "

Ask not what separation has done to me. You see your poise (composure) when I come before you...


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