>> Monday, April 28, 2008

Today again I eavesdropped my pathetic life
I didn't think much about the way I failed you
about being such a mess,
instead just perched around, listening to my heartbeat
wondering if it might stop someday soon.

Now that it is all over, and
I rummage through yellowing memories,
fingers are always darting toward me, rolling noisily
I begin to count them
feeling dizzy and nauseated
I put them back for another day.

Brushing aside splinters, slivers, tears,
I watch the mindless machinery of

life orbiting in the day and night, and try
to envision myself performing
my trivial functions in it,
since you had gone away.

I am on track,
I never shattered in obvious way, or
exploded into pieces
I had come across traces of me here and there
I have a feeling that when
I finally reach the woman who dreamed
she might be dead.



>> Friday, April 25, 2008

She recalled the tang in throat when her head bounced off. She was accustomed to familiar, secure. This moment appeared gluey, sluggish.

She tried capturing her face, retrieved chiseled lines that made her sad, so did her olive hands, ragged fingernails, crinkles on corners of eyes and news that life would go on and on.


'feel good' factor..

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Moments like these ... make blogging worthwhile.
I never knew my blog looks that pretty - the screenshot on her site definitely appears so. I have my doubts that I merit this generosity but it will keep me really happy for a long time ...

Thank you chewmouse - for this kind review of my humble blog on your beautiful page .. :)



>> Saturday, April 19, 2008

The events I catalogued here are perhaps of
other people, I just hung around the fringes,

You could see the numbered pages leafing
inside my head, life is narrowing down.
I could predict.

It's a continual shoring up against one thing
or another, splintered parts, eroding and
crumbling away.

I’d come a long way from somewhere, untying
myriad caged wings, with me anything is possible,
even vitue.


There’s nothing else that I want tonight, except
a cold ivory touch in an ill-lit
corner, where

no game or ambush awaits me, as I sear
forgetting the sensations, flames against
pliant skin

tapping wet windy messages in numb eyes,
at once, brilliant and shadowy, drenched in
amplified smell.

off I'd go into the wild blue yonder, climbing
high into sky, down I’d dive, spouting a flame
from under.

then walk in the dark on dust and ashes, harking
for a name, my own, even here no identity shall
claim me.



>> Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The party was nifty. Derelict humanity trampled his success, leaving him at twilight, in condition resembling prison riot. He felt torn between social discourses, grotesque impatience to ostracize.

"You planning litigation?"
He turned, readying a polite quip.
He was thinking absently, employment, freedom, hemlines and how she’d managed to find a lipstick that was hypnotic.



>> Friday, April 4, 2008

A cursory glance confirms; love couldn’t destory her. It's avuncular sort, the kind retired cricketers possess for bats. She resolves to dream of him, he is impishly defiantly absent.

She distrusts new feelings, like tickets to a circus. Amorphous shakes would tumble the detritus of a poet. She desires a ruse, are you her muse?


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