>> Thursday, November 29, 2007

Like the sky, pale as linen
I wish to hang low over horizon
and meet the blackened earth,
or like the setting sun
I want to dip lower and lower,
turning the western sky copper and gold
as shadows lengthen across the ground
creeping out, like grotesque monsters.

I’m looking out for that first person,
who wouldn’t notice my bruises and contusions,
and won’t appear the least bit tempted
to inquire after my puffy lip.

I’ll be the sparkling blend, of fortified beer and wine,
to be enjoyed in measured sips, and when you say
you want only a taste, you would have just that; in fact.

Risk is a wonderful stimulus
you can cruise around me,
this tender picture in it’s petrified frame
and have a kind of grip on it,
visually anyway, for if you trip
it is too complicated.

Expecting something within me
to break or bloom, I feel so holy.
This is how; reality punishes you for innocence
it turned me into, a crustacean.



>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

A thousand muffled voices within
had bid you begone,
the night when you’d disappeared
that last bend in the road.

As the old ennui sets in again,
let me thank
the brief flare of
your presence
which emphasized
this darkness about me

Emanating from a cavern wherein
discords wail,
it jeers and sings
mournful notes
devoid of hope
though it meets
my mood.

There is no despondency
when I sleep every night

for the only stranger
I wake up beside,
is me.


Permanent Pause..

>> Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A so-called ‘well-wisher’ had sent dozens of emails through Sulekha and Rediff with links of certain bloggers who are recycling my poetrics into their own. One lady had copied a poem word by word . .and when confronted she apologized, saying that she had merely 'cited' my poem as it was the only ‘nice’ poem on my otherwise crappy blog but she’d lost my web address so she couldn’t link to me. Fine . .could be .. she removed my poem from her blog so the matter as far as she is concerned is closed ..
But there are couple more .. one person has twisted one of my poems .. it is all so funny ..
Yesterday I was bugged and fuming .. but do I really have the time or inclination to carry a tirade against these kinds? No I don’t. And in any case so called poetries are nothing but crap .. so why should I bother .. ? Ohh yeah I’m possessive about everything .. about relationships .. and my writings . .but then it does boil down to some sensibility, sooner or later.
I have given up .. the way I give up everything else … I’m giving up this space ..

To all those unknown people who were kind enough to copy me . .thank you very much. They say imitation is flattery too. Please be my guest and feel free to copy, twist, toss, tamper, turn all the shit that I’d posted here. I don’t give a flying fuck .. An added info for you – I’m a technical fool so I don’t follow the intricacies of catching someone through an IP address and all drat! Besides, I’m a recluse and I don’t have a single friend in the whole damn world who would give a fuck to all this nonsense ..
My well-wishers thanks to you too .. but please refer to everything that I’ve said above and kindly do not send me emails from here there or anywhere. I don’t wish to catch anyone.

And lastly .. a handful of blogging pals who once visited me .. encouraged me to write or improve. I may or may not post here again but I’ll remember all of you. I’ll not thank you coz on a post like this.. even that would sound sarcastic ..

Anyway, I have exhausted myself completely and I have nothing more to write. I don’t want to write a melodramatic good bye post coz I may feel like posting again, someday… if I’m upto it . .I’ll be back but all this copying crap has doused my creative fire, if any spark was left, that is.
All the best to you all ..
For the time being …
Au Revoir


Obnoxious ...

There is no dearth of jerks on net. Or is it? My poem "Death" .. just underneath

was the last post on this blog for a long time, which was posted on 28th and to prove that I even got comments on the same day .. and there is a woman who has copied my poem word by word and posted it on her blog on 31 st August .. has given it a new fancy title .. and a comment says that she has been recommended for blog day or some such shit ..

Now how obnoxious is that? I'm fuming . .I'm literally fuming ..


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