>> Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Each day proves apocalyptic for some dreams
ruins a relationship, shatters few illusions.
Ever-fucked situations repeat themselves too regularly
to be a mental aberration, unless I am mentally aberrant
and unreality is going to worsen as life becomes unendurable.

Given my penchant for impetuosity, I do not grieve
those mocking look in your eyes, sometimes grinding, or a roar
which crackled without exuding genuine admiration
since there seems only an unsnarling existence left for me
whose waywardness constitutes its only authority
and provides its primary diversion.


Duh! wailing the wail that authenticates
the final act of a classical tragedy, I know
It wasn’t an ecstatic union, though I must be taught to renounce
the great narcissistic illusion of rapture
for I always am in love with
a shilly-shallying, namby-pamby,
fence-stranding, vacillating drifter.

Dash it- my nebulous nirvana,
you’ve got a mind, don’t you?
I hate the mosaic it makes, ergo
drunken eroticism is the only passionate life I choose
and shall reap my lonely harvest.
Yes, I’m more than ‘disappointed’
but you were so full with insinuations
and had other preferences anyway ..


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