A Garish Bustle

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007


The world stands strongly exposed
casting its appropriate shadow
A year again in magical transition
and it does not even register.
Here before me, drenched in sunlight
Is a summer melancholy
Some quality in this season liberates
As everything is clear and visible
yet nothing seems withheld.

When a distant brown-stone spire
Seems melting in fluid yellow
That bygone summer wakes up again
like a person coming out of trance
I lose myself in vague memories
from trip to eternity made years ago
now debased to pale phantasmagoria
of bleary peaks and dreamy skies.


By dissolving sentimental partnership
seldom do both associates withdraw
you stood for the venture on which
I had irretrievably staked my all
When you made room for yourself
inhabited the space you’d cleared
it was natural for you to believe
I had refurnished in same manner.

In my wasteland is delicate harvest
A planned hedonism of wine and wit
I’ve planted some trees and blossoms
filled those shallow inlets along the shores
Decorated edges with fringe & tassels
but fatigue of the desert remains -
No loud music can dispel it
And no garishness can erase it.


I’ve loved you now for many years
with that tranquil tenderness
which gathers depth and volume
when it covers route to denial.
In the lucidity of retrospection
every trifle has copious meaning
You’ll not cross my path ever again
this certitude is an added pang.

There is nothing on earth
that keeps its promise
But from every uncertainty
to meet your eyes
is still my refuge.

I buried autumn
its famous meanings
So here is this long hot summer
heavy and teeming
more real than life
And there was that other summer,
pure as gold
as real as hope.

Pour comprendre il faut aimer

PS - I wont exactly call it a poem. I scribbled it.. about a month back. Had nothing else to post .. so this is just to prove that I'm back! :)


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